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BlackBerry Passport Is No Apple iPhone Killer

By Kofi Bofah:

Last June, BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) CEO John Chen first revealed the Passport phone at the company annual general meeting at Waterloo. Originally codenamed Windermere, the Passport is scheduled for official showing at a launch event in London this September. Already, the optimistic Chen has argued that the Passport will reclaim original BlackBerry customers lost to the iOS ecosystem. Going forward, however, the initial optimism out of John Chen may appear to border upon delusion. The BlackBerry Passport is no Apple iPhone killer.

BlackBerry Vs. Apple Negative Correlation

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On June 18, 2008, BlackBerry stock established an all-time high at $147.50, which also calculated to a then near $85 billion, in terms of market capitalization. At this apex, BlackBerry controlled approximately half of the smartphone market. By the close of the August 1, 2014 trading session, however, BlackBerry shares had collapsed to $9.30. Be advised that this $9.30 price

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