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Abu Dhabi summit calls for global strategy platform

|By Arabian Post Staff| Participants at the World Strategy Summit in Abu Dhabi emphasized the importance of establishing an international platform for strategy, leadership, and innovation. This platform would contribute to building governmental and business sector leadership and would be based on a comprehensive vision to understand the nature of future opportunities and challenges. The platform could then be used to create measurable scientifically-based strategies that are flexible enough to tackle emerging changes to ensure sustainability.

They also noted that the summit provided an opportunity for the world’s leading authorities to come together with senior businessmen and to discuss topics regarding strategy, leadership, and innovation. It also provided an unprecedented opportunity for governments and private companies to interact through the learning and exchange of ideas. This enables various competent parties to build strategic competencies to ensure a better future and to contribute to developing performance and enhancing their competitive edge. They also praised the interest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its efforts in organizing the summit that foster international cooperation.

Furthermore, participants praised the achievements of the UAE in harnessing and utilizing human capabilities, as this had led to notable advancements in infrastructure and economic development. They also acknowledged that such achievements in the short span of time surpass many advanced countries; which is a result of long term vision and a clear strategy. They noted that this also reflects the commitment of the UAE leadership to leading the country towards an economy that is based on knowledge and innovation.