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OtterBox Rolls Out iPhone Case With Expansion Capabilities

In addition to protecting your iPhone, the new uniVerse Case System from Otterbox also promises to let you expand its battery life, improve its sound quality, and add other functions. The new system, designed for the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s and the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, allows a user to attach an additional battery, camera lens, or other peripheral to a phone, while still protecting the device in rugged or hazardous environments.

“Innovation in the mobile technology world continues to evolve, and smartphones are at the center of this evolution,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke in a statement. “OtterBox is bringing together industry giants and cutting-edge innovators to create a customizable mobile ecosystem.”

More Features, More Protection

The OtterBox system features a slim, protective case for the iPhone. While dozens of iPhone cases are available from Apple and other third-party suppliers, it’s often difficult or even impossible to use them in conjunction with other iPhone peripherals. That can be a problem for companies deploying iPhones in the field that want to protect those devices as well as expand their capabilities with add-ons such as credit card readers.

The uniVerse Case System is designed to accommodate additional attachments. OtterBox said it has partnered with a number of peripheral makers, including Square, Polar Pro, SanDisk, olloclip, and Seek Thermal, to develop an ecosystem of external accessories that can be attached to the uniVerse system.

That combination of protection and capability could help make the iPhone more attractive for companies that need to ruggedize their equipment as well as mount accessories to their smartphones for specialized work.

“Add camera lenses, connect a battery, attach a speaker, hunt heat leaks with thermal imaging, accept new payment types, store more media — the uniVerse Case System provides endless possibilities,” the company said in the statement.

Camera attachments are perhaps the most commonly used accessories for iPhones, and OtterBox has several on offer for the uniVerse system. A 4-in-1 lens available from olloclip for $79.99 allows users to choose between fisheye, wide-angle, and multiple zoom lenses.

Accessories for Enterprises and Consumers

In addition, PolarPro is providing a number of photography accessories for use with the system, including the Trippler Tripod, which transforms into a selfie stick, for $39.99, and a portable, folding tripod for $29.99. PolarPro is also offering a fisheye wide-angle lens.

A number of e-commerce accessories are also available for the uniVerse. Square has developed a contactless and chip reader that lets users accept credit and debit card payments in addition to contactless payment systems. Manatee Works, meanwhile, is offering the StingRay Barcode Scanner for companies that want employees to use their iPhones to track inventory.

Additionally, SeekThermal has developed a thermal camera for use with the system, which should be attractive to companies whose technicians use iPhones to look for heat leaks and other problems in the field.

SeekThermal is also providing a number of peripherals that should appeal to consumers as well, including the iXpand Flash Drive from SanDisk, which provides iPhones with an additional 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB of storage capacity.

Image Credit: uniVerse Case System via OtterBox.

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