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Apple Makes Things Right, Restores Peach Butt Emoji Via iOS 10.2 Beta 3

While emojis will certainly not replace texts in messages anytime soon, it is increasingly integrated into modern electronic communication. That is why when Apple redesigned the peach emoji for an iOS 10 beta version, the company drew immense amount of flak, prompting a complete turnaround.

Realistic iOS Style

This issue has two important variables going for it. First, there is Apple’s drive to redesign the entire range of emojis available in future iterations of the iOS. In the current beta versions, the changes indicate that the visual language will lean more toward realistic style.

The other variable is, of course, the peach emoji itself. It is only one of the two in the Apple stable that are sexual in nature. If you are living under a rock, then you should know that the emoji now also means butt. The other one is, of course, the eggplant. People will not require a tremendous amount of imagination to divine what that means.

Emoji Makeover

So in the current stable version of the iOS 10, the peach emoji looks like this:

(Photo : Emojipedia)

The naughty emoji has not only figured prominently in sexting, but it also generally enlivens conversations for instant messaging applications by adding a dash of color and also a bit of humor. Despite its obsession for control over its products, Apple has never been a puritan, so no one expected it to remove it altogether.

Now, a recently released beta build called iOS 10.2 changed the peach into this:

(Photo : Emojipedia)

You may be assured that the change has raised a mighty ruckus among the iOS public. While the new design did get better visually, it became more of a peach — or a tomato even — than a butt. For most, the new form defeated the peach emoji’s purpose. Some say that the redesign is accidental, but it did not prevent the collective complaint that it has zero appeal.

Old Naughty Emoji

Fortunately, Apple must have been taking notes. The new iOS 10.2 beta has implemented a peach makeover, reverting back into the old form but with a more realistic treatment. It is a bit shiny, but that should appease iOS users who must have been ready to raise their pitchforks to demand the return of the old peach.

(Photo : Emojipedia)

Well, one can argue that the rollout of the beta version of a product is primarily designed to gauge its viability. Apple must have learned that it will have to take great care in touching the world’s favorite fruit from now on.

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