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'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update Goes Live With Base Building, Freighters And More: Here's What's New [Video]

No Man’s Sky is finally getting closer to what it was supposed to be, as the new Foundation Update finally adds some features that should’ve been available from day one.

The Foundation Update that Hello Games announced a couple of days ago is now live and it brings a number of cool new tricks, including base building, freighters, survival mode, and stackable items.

Base Building

With the latest Foundation Update in No Man’s Sky, you can build your own base on the planet you like and upgrade it with no housing, research, hydroponics and storage buildings. A good base may soon start attracting other settlers as well, who will bring their skills along and improve the society even further.

“Recruit alien lifeforms to help research new technology,” explains Hello Games. “Farming, engineer, weapons and science specialists are hirable from Space Stations.”


When you gather enough resources and they start piling up, Boeing 747 freighters can come in handy to move stockpiles between bases and trade terminals. Buying a freighter will definitely not come cheap, but the investment is well worth it for the convenience of moving resources from one place to another. As an added bonus, you can even grow crops during transportation if you customize your freighter. You can summon your freighters from anywhere in the galaxy.

Stackable items, meanwhile, is another cool new option that allows players to carry more items at once by stacking five items in an inventory slot.

Survival Mode

Lastly, the Foundation Update also brings a new survival mode to complement the normal and creative modes of No Man’s Sky. The normal mode focuses on the exploration experience, the creative mode allows players to explore the universe and build a base, while survival mode brings a more challenging experience pushing players’ endurance to the limits. The survival mode should include stronger and fiercer adversaries, as well as more limited resources.

Foundation Update – The First Of Many

As Hello Games touted in its announcement on Nov. 25, the Foundation Update is just the first of many free updates, serving as a foundation for greater things to come.

At the same time, the Foundation Update is also a solid first step in the right direction to appease disgruntled gamers who felt cheated and disappointed by No Man’s Sky.

Many gamers who bought No Man’s Sky later complained that the game was repetitive and failed to live up to expectations, but the new Foundation Update finally brings some much-needed diversity.

To learn more about the No Man’s Sky Foundation Update, check out the video below.

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