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Apple AirPods Release: AirPods To Start Shipping 'Over The Next Few Weeks,' Tim Cook Allegedly Says

The Apple AirPods release has been pushed back, but the wireless headphones may finally start shipping “over the next few weeks.”

The AirPods have been somewhat of a sour topic for Apple fans, as the headphones have been facing delays for a good while now. Initially supposed to launch in October, Apples’ AirPods are still MIA even today.

Back in October, Apple said it needed more time to perfect the AirPods before release but failed to specify just how much more time. The general belief back then was that it would take maybe a week or two, but both October and November have passed with no sign of the elusive AirPods.

Apple AirPods Release Imminent?

Frustrated with the extended delay and Apple’s silence on the matter, a customer emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook, demanding a more specific timeline other than the vague “coming soon” label placed on the product page on Apple’s website.

Cook reportedly replied to that email, and the customer shared the response they got with MacRumors. The publication says it has verified the email headers, and they seem to be from Apple indeed.

In the email, the customer asked for a definitive release date for the AirPods, arguing that they’re currently stuck on the EarPods, which can’t be used when charging the iPhone 7. The customer further asked to know whether it will take another month or six months until the AirPods hit the market so they’d know if they should buy some other wireless headphones.

In response to the frustrated customer’s email, Cook apologized for the delay and said the AirPods will finally start shipping soon.

“Thanks for your note. Sorry for the delay — we are finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to ship over the next few weeks,” said Cook, as cited by MacRumors.

Apple AirPods Delay

As a reminder, Apple unveiled its new AirPods back in September, alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and touted the wireless headphones as a key selling point for its latest smartphones that lack a headphone jack.

The Apple AirPods will cost $169 when they finally hit the market, but it remains to be seen when exactly that will be. Barclays analysts said earlier this month that the Apple AirPods will likely not hit the market until next year, and there’s still a good possibility that Barclay’s prediction will turn out to be accurate. We’re already in December, and “over the next few weeks” is not exactly a specific launch date, so the AirPods release could easily slip onto 2017. Then again, Apple likely wants to release the AirPods in time for the holidays and include them in its 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide, so there’s still a chance the wireless headphones will go on sale later this year.

For those who grow tired of waiting, however, there are plenty of other wireless headphones on the market that can be good alternatives to the elusive AirPods.

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