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Middle East Payment Services Activates Acceptance of UnionPay Cards at Points-of-Sale across Jordan

26 December 2016

Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) – a leading, innovative payment services provider in the Middle East – has formally activated its acceptance of UnionPay cards at points-of sale (POS) across the Kingdom. This step follows the signing of a partnership agreement between MEPS and UnionPay International (UPI), a leading global payment services provider. Under the terms of the agreement, MEPS will not only accept UnionPay cards at its POS, but also handle payment processing and card issuance on behalf of UPI.

Prior to the official launch, MEPS tested the acceptance of UnionPay cards in Jordan to ensure its effectiveness, beginning in some areas of Amman, as well as at tourist attractions and in border areas. MEPS intends to upgrade all POS to accept UnionPay cards by the end of the current year, thereby extending the service to cover the country in its entirety.

Reaffirming its global position as a secure electronic payment services provider, MEPS now accepts a multitude of different electronic payment cards at its POS, including Visa and MasterCard alongside UnionPay.

“Through the activation of our partnership with UPI, we strive to provide the finest, most secure and flexible payment solutions to our clients across the Kingdom who are in possession of UnionPay cards,” said MEPS CEO, Khaled Zakaria. “This step comes as a confirmation of our ongoing efforts to promote the use of secure, electronic payment solutions, as well as our standing as pioneers within the local and regional payment service sectors.”


UnionPay is a fast-growing international bankcard scheme that not only plays a defining role in China’s industry development, but is also growing to be one of the world’s leading bankcard associations. It has enabled card acceptance in 156 countries and regions outside of the Chinese mainland, and has realized card issuance in over 40 countries and regions globally. Constantly striving to develop its network, UPI actively collaborates with a wide-range of partners worldwide, limiting card risks and extending its unique card standards and regulations.  


About MEPS 
MEPS is an innovative regional payment services provider, offering secure POS and e-commerce payment gateway solutions, PCI and security services, as well as a comprehensive set of customized, value-added services that meets the growing demand for payment solutions throughout the region. Additionally, MEPS is a payment processor, card issuer and merchant acquirer of payment cards in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.


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