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Oman Air to revise luggage rules from January

Oman Air is revising its check-in luggage regulations from January 1, allowing only one 30 kilogram suitcase per person, it was announced on Wednesday.

Passengers will no longer be permitted to split the 30kg into two or three pieces, an airline official told Times of Oman.

The airline will, however, reduce the excess baggage charges. Under the new rules, passengers turning up for flights with excess baggage will pay $52 (OMR20) for the first additional 20kg, it was announced, or a reduced tariff of $42 (OMR16) if the additional baggage is paid for in advance. The newspaper gave no details on the existing charges.

Separately, Oman Air said it would introduce a new pricing structure for “specialist” luggage, including pets, sports equipment and any item with bigger dimensions than 158 centimetres.

The airline said there would be no changes to its hand baggage allowance policy. First and business class passengers will be allowed to carry two pieces weighing 14kg each, while economy class passengers can take one piece, weighing up to 7kg.

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