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Cleaner jailed for trying to stab his boss in Dubai

DUBAI// A 20-year-old cleaner who tried to stab his boss to death because he was unhappy after being moved to a new workplace will spend six months in jail.

The Pakistani attacked his Indian boss on May 30 last year after he was told he was being moved to Motor City.

“He asked me about his assignment, then all of a sudden he pulled a knife he was hiding in a paper and tried to stab me,” the 33-year-old victim said, adding that a group of workers who were stood nearby managed to restrain the cleaner, but he broke loose and attacked the victim again.

“I ran towards the storage room and locked myself inside,” he said.

Police arrived and arrested the cleaner.

“He confessed to the charge and said he tried to kill his boss because he had been giving him a hard time at work,” said a policeman.

In Dubai Criminal Court last August, the defendant denied an attempted murder charge, however, he was convicted and will be deported after serving his prison sentence.

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