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Emirates confirms staff restructure

Dubai-based Emirates airline has confirmed a restructuring of staff has seen some jobs become redundant.

The airline declined to comment on the number of positions lost, but said “a very small number of staff” had been impacted.

Arabian Business understands the training and recruitment division was affected after the airline decided to limit staff hiring and non-essential training, although this was not confirmed by Emirates.

Impacted employees have been offered other positions within the company, a spokesperson said. In some cases that has led to employees moving down to more junior levels, which has affected their compensation, potentially including the payment of school fees and the size of any housing allowance.

“Like any responsible company, Emirates continuously reviews its operations to ensure we have the right resources, skills and structure to support both current and future needs in a dynamic industry,” the spokesperson said in a statement to Arabian Business.

“A very small number of staff have recently been impacted by modest restructuring in the company. Where roles were impacted, full support has been given to explore redeployment opportunities within the organisation. Some employees were transferred into lateral roles on their existing benefits package, and a number have moved into both more senior and more junior roles, which can have an impact on the benefits package.”

Some staff also have been affected by Emirates’ decision not to renew lease agreements at some of its properties in Dubai.

“As part of this portfolio management when leases expire, we review the conditions of renewal and may offer impacted colleagues options of other available company accommodation or the housing allowance,” the spokesperson said.

Some of the affected staff have moved to villas in Meydan rented by Emirates.

Gulf airlines are undergoing significant reviews of their operations amid a slower economy due to persistently low oil prices.

Etihad Airways announced in December that a restructuring of the Abu Dhabi-based airline would result in a “measured reduction of headcount in some parts of the business”. The national carrier employs nearly 27,000 people.

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