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Etisalat services back on after glitch

ABU DHABI // Residents in several parts of the country using the Etisalat network were unable to access the internet and make calls on Friday afternoon.

Etisalat said the service disruption was caused by a technical glitch.

“Earlier today there was a slowdown in the network,” the company said on Friday. “As a result, services were affected in certain ­areas. This has been completely restored in record time and all services are back to normal.”

Etisalat users across Abu Dhabi complained of disruption of landline ­services.

“Many of my friends complained about the service disruption,” said Naji Al Areifi, an Abu Dhabi resident.

Ramesh Bahadur, a Nepalese national, faced problems with his service.

“I couldn’t make calls in the afternoon,” the Abu Dhabi resident said.

“I thought the network was busy. It started working later in the evening.”

Etisalat took to Twitter to explain the interruption in service, saying: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“There was a technical issue in our network and has been restored now.”

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