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More than 1,000 abandoned vehicles seized last year in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI // More than 1,000 abandoned vehicles were seized last year as part of campaigns to improve the city’s appearance.

Abu Dhabi Municipality said that 1,233 abandoned vehicles were seized and 4,929 warnings were given to owners, while more than 100 received fines for leaving their vehicles in public places.

The campaigns targeted areas including Abu Dhabi city, Baniyas West and East, Shakhboot City, Shamkha, Shawamekh, Mussaffah, Al Fallah, Bahia, Al Sadr, Shalila, Shahama, Samha, Rahba and Mussaffah industrial area.

The municipality urged residents to avoid leaving vehicles in public places for long periods, allowing dust to accumulate.

The campaign is aimed at keeping the city clean, improving its appearance, improving safety and security, and reducing pollution.

Owners have three days to clean their vehicles after receiving notices from the municipality, then the vehicle is towed to the impounding facility. The rules also apply to trailers and boats.

Violators face fines of Dh3,000.

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