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Samsung: Irregularly sized batteries to blame for Note 7 disaster



Irregularly sized batteries were to blame for the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding, Samsung has announced after its near four-month-long internal investigations into the matter.

Batteries from supplier Samsung SDI were irregularly sized, and while being charged, the battery expanded and contracted. The irregular size, coupled with the lack of space due to the battery’s compactness, caused the fire during charging, DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile boss, told reporters at a press conference in Seoul on Monday.

Koh said he “deeply apologizes” for the Galaxy Note 7 issue. “We believe as a first step to regain your trust, it’s important to provide you with a cause…and to fully investigate the issue.”

The second batch of batteries, supplied by ATL after the South Korean tech giant recall the first batch, faced new flaws in the manufacturing process in their factory, Samsung said.

Koh said the company has created a new eight-step process of inspecting and testing to be applied to future phones to avoid battery problems.

(via PCMag)