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Baggage handler who vowed not to steal again 'caught red-handed'

DUBAI // A baggage handler who was seen opening a passenger’s bag and promised to bosses never to repeat it broke his promise and ended up in court.

The 22-year-old Nepalese man was first spotted going through passengers’ luggage looking for valuables in April last year. He was seen opening a bag and then closing it.

“I was spoken to and I promised not to do it again,” said the accused.

However, on November 23 the same year, he was again seen on cameras as he opened several bags belonging to passengers on a flight to Boston, US. He was reported by Dubai airport’s Emirati security officer.

“He confessed to me willingly that he had done the same numerous times but that he had never found anything valuable to steal, and when he was caught, he was searching passengers’ luggage of an Emirates airplane flying to Boston,” said a 25-year-old Emirati policeman.

Prosecutors showed the court the security camera footage showing the man opening luggage.

He was not present at Dubai Criminal Court, however, to face an attempted theft charge.

A verdict will be issued on March 6.

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