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City Builder 'Cities: Skylines' Is Coming To Xbox One

Critically acclaimed Cities: Skylines is calling the Xbox One its home pretty soon.

Cities: Skylines publisher Paradox Interactive broke the good news in its official website. Xbox One owners will have the chance to recreate the hit Windows city-building game experience in their home consoles.

The game is set for release this Spring 2017.

Sky-High With Features

Paradox Interactive released the details in its official Cities: Skylines website. The Xbox One port comes “with all of its robust city-simulation gameplay and unique charm along for the ride.” This special edition also contains the After Dark expansion released in 2015.

The expansion added new buildings, attractions and nightlife features. A day-night cycle was introduced to simulate after-work hours for the citizens. So nightclubs, bars, and other establishments and services were added to bring these to (night) life.

Cities: Skylines lets you build your dream city. Players can plan the layout of their city; they can build commercial, residential, industrial, and energy zones. Transportation is also an essential feature of the game, thus it also lets players plan their road networks and transportation lines such as buses and trains. They also have the option to choose between renewable or traditional energy. It is up to the players how they want to realize the city of their dreams.

As the mayor of the city, the player will face a lot of challenging decisions. Because this is an economy-simulation game, players need to balance planning, creation, and maintenance of basic social services such as education, health care, energy, law enforcement, safety, and recreation.

The game also features a realistic and extensive simulation of local traffic conditions. Managing traffic is always a challenge in the real world – and this game is no different. However, the player has many options to create the perfect transportation system. Careful network planning of bus, trains, subways, and private cars will spell the difference between success and failure.

In this game, players aren’t just “another city hall official.” They can designate districts and enact policies such as pet and smoking bans, taxes, traffic bans, and policies pertaining to education and recreation. Whatever players think is best for their city, they can do (as long as these are within the city’s capacity, of course).

Critically Acclaimed City Builder

Cities: Skylines was released on March 10, 2015 to critical and commercial success. On its first year, the game sold 2 million copies. It is such as success that the city of Stockholm Sweden (where Paradox is based) used Cities: Skylines to plan and simulate its planned transportation system, as revealed in the documentary Gaming the Real World.

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