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UAE Armed Forces to put on public show

ABU DHABI // The UAE Armed Forces will put on their first public demonstration on Thursday, March 2.

The Union Fortress at Abu Dhabi’s Corniche will feature a joint exercise encompassing all branches of the military, including the Presidential Guard, the Joint Aviation Command, the Navy, the Air Force, Air Defence and the Army.

Some of the highlights include a dramatic high-altitude, low-opening freefall jump from an aircraft on to the Corniche.

Also on display will be a submarine, with special forces onboard, a rapid maritime assault craft and helicopters carrying snipers. They will be supported by F16s in a fly-by.

“Union Fortress is a recognition of the core unity, values and strength of our nation’s Armed Forces,” a spokeswoman said.

“The event highlights the world-class tactical and strategic professionalism of our brave men and women in uniform as they confront a very real potential maritime threat.

“Spectators will be afforded a window into the commitment, capabilities and pride our Armed Forces show every day in safeguarding the nation’s security, underpinning the development of an inclusive, tolerant and prosperous society.”

Soldiers will simulate a maritime rescue of hostages that features helicopters, F16s and submarines.

The event will be open to the public from 4.30pm onwards and visitors are encouraged to arrive early. More information is available at unionfortress.ae.

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