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Airport passenger 'befriended delayed teenage girl and molested her as she slept'

DUBAI // A traveller has denied molesting a sleeping 19-year-old British student whom he befriended at Dubai International Airport.

The student had come to Dubai on a four-day visit to meet a friend on January 6 and the incident occurred as she waited to travel home, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

“On January 10, I was at the airport waiting for my flight from Terminal 1. It was nearly 4am when I was approached by the defendant,” she told prosecutors.

The 27-year-old man from Pakistan told her that the British Airways counter didn’t open until 7.30am and he invited her to have a coffee to pass the time. They did and then she returned later to board but was told that her flight was among many that had been delayed.

“He was there, listening, so he offered to help me find a hotel room instead of spending the time at the airport,” she said.

The student said that the defendant booked at hotel room and accompanied her to it, and when there, he asked to use the toilet.

“He got out of the toilet only in his underwear. I told him to leave but he said he wouldn’t do anything and because he is just exhausted and wanted to relax,” she said.

The teenager sat on the bed and said that she didn’t realise she was falling asleep.

“When that happened I was awoken by him stroking my hair and touching my knees. I picked up my stuff and left the room,” she said, adding that she reported what happened at the airport and then left the country.

“He confessed to me that he planned to have sex with her but she left the room,” said an Emirati police officer, who also said the defendant told him he was sorry for what he had done.

However, he denied a sexual assault charge in court.

A verdict is expected on April 9.

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