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Apple Store Troll Attacks Sean Spicer: "ARE YOU A CRIMINAL AS WELL?"

A young girl named Shree chimped out on the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, the other day for merely existing. Lacking all of the basic rules of decorum set forth by thousands of years of evolution, this young lady tossed barbarous questions at dear, sweet, Sean — asking him how it felt to work for a treasonous Russian racist fascist bastard, replete with orange tones and idiotic red hats.

It wasn’t long before Sean tucked tail and ran out of the store — likely to cower underneath his silk sheets for having met face to face with such primordial barbarity.

BEHOLD THE Troglodyte!

Shree penned an explanation of sorts for her trespasses — accusing Mr. Spicer of threatening her with his racist ways.

“Such a great country that allows you to be here.”


 “Have you helped with the Russia stuff?” “Have you committed treason, too?” “You know you work for a fascist, right?” And, “Do you feel good about lying to the American people.”

America! Enjoy.
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