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Awqaf pay off Dh6m worth of debts for 25 families

DUBAI // More than Dh6 million has been paid out by a charitable foundation to settle debt owed by 25 families.

The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (Amaf) gave Dh6.167 million to support families whose breadwinner passed away last year, often paying the outstanding debt or bank loans of deceased husbands or widows.

The move is part of the Year of Giving and the organisation’s commitment to support families in need and encourage social responsibility.

In December, it was announced that the President, Sheikh Khalifa, had declared 2017 as the Year of Giving.

“In addition to the hardships that widows face in the absence of their deceased husbands and providers, they also deal with practical economic problems… due to unpaid debts and other financial obligations,” said Khaled Al Thani, the foundation’s deputy secretary general.

“At Amaf, supporting such women and families in carrying on with their daily lives and dignity intact is a core part of our operations.

“We hope our efforts help in some way to alleviate their suffering.”

Zainab Jumaa Al Tamimi, Deputy Director of Minors Affairs, said the initiative has helped the families achieve social and financial stability.

The debt settlement is in line with the foundation’s zakat and endowment mandate to help the less-privileged, widows, orphans and the elderly.

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