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Dutch-Turk Row Deepens; Geert Wilders Says 'Turks Aren't Welcomed' in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders is the favorite to win the elections in the Netherlands in about 3 days and may one day become their new leader — running on a blatant anti-Islam platform — pushing forth the narrative that Islam is anti-human rights, anti-democratic, and invokes violence amongst ardent followers of the faith. Over the past two days, relations between the Dutch and the fucking Turks have deteriorated because the Turks wanted to hold political demonstrations in the Netherlands, as part of their effort to appeal to the 5.5m Turkish citizens living in Europe, in order to pass a referendum on April 16th that will convert Turkey into a ‘Presidential republic’ from its current parliamentary system.

Both Netherlands and Austria have told them to fuck off.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, held a campaign rally himself in Germany on Feb. 18th — much to the delight of Merkel.

Turkey is holding a referendum on 16 April on whether to turn from a parliamentary to a presidential republic,

Bear in mind, foreign-led protests are in fact banned in Turkey — yet Erdogan is out calling “the west”, specifically the Netherlands, as being nazis and fascists — because they’re uninterested in having foreign nations campaign inside their borders.

“I have said that I had thought that Nazism was over, but that I was wrong. Nazism is alive in the West”, said Erdogan.

Turkey’s PM, Binali Yildirim said “This situation has been protested in the strongest manner by our side, and it has been conveyed to Dutch authorities that there will be retaliation in the harshest ways … We will respond in kind to this unacceptable behavior.”

Meanwhile, Erdogan said Turkey would continue acting belligerent towards the Netherlands, asking the UN to apply sanctions to until they apologized (lolz). The Dutch PM, Mark Rutte, did not offer one — instead diagnosing Erdogan with a mental disorder.

“This is a man who yesterday made us out for fascists and a country of Nazis. I’m going to de-escalate, but not by offering apologies. Are you nuts? This country was bombed during the Second World War by Nazis. It’s totally unacceptable to talk in this way.”

Here’s Geert laying down the gauntlet on Erdogan, saying they’ll never become a member of the EU — because ‘they are no Europeans.’ He added human rights were incompatible with Islam, saying Erdogan was a ‘dangerous Islamicist who raises the flag of Islam.”

“We do not want more, but less Islam, so Turkey, stay away from us.”

The subsequent result of this acrimonious back and forth has been riots in Rotterdam, which the Dutch police responded to strongly.

More than 400,000 Turks live in the Netherlands. Protests and riots were rampant in Rotterdam last night.

Dutch police controlled the crowd using dogs, water cannons, mounted police, and hard sticks.

In footage captured by CNN Turk, a Dutch dog took a nibble out of an unruly protester.

Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Turkish authorities have cordoned off the Dutch Embassy due to ‘security concerns’ after a night of loud egg pelting protests.

But some enterprising lad did manage to slip through the tight security to hoist the Turkish flag over the Dutch Embassy, amidst chants of ‘Allah Akbar’ reverberating in the background.

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