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Samsung Internet Browser Hits Google Play Store, Works On Android Devices

Samsung is one of the few companies which is known for making its own apps for their devices. These apps include its own calendar, e-mail and the company even has its own app store!

The South Korean company has also been pre-loading its devices, which include both smartphones and tablets, with ots own web browser for some time.

However, in most cases, users prefer to use other browsers which are readily available in the Google Play Store. It seems that even Samsung are aware of the shortcomings of its Internet Browser and, therefore, it has launched a beta update for the app.

Samsung Internet Browser Update: Which Devices Are Eligible?

While the stable version of the Samsung Internet Browser in present in almost all Android devices from the company, the latest beta update will only be available to users of Android 5.0 or higher.

Moreover, this update is also limited to users having Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus devices. However, the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL also support it.

Installing the beta app would allow a user to access the latest features which are still in development and will soon be available for the stable version of the application as well.

Samsung has not yet revealed the features to which the user would get early access to if they decided to install the beta version. However, some new features which have been added through this update are listed on the Play Store page for the app.

New Features 

Some of the important additions to the Samsung Internet Browser in the latest update include a payment request API support for all those using Samsung Pay from their devices. This should prove immensely helpful to users who make use of the digital mode of payment constantly.

The update also adds a QR code reader to the app which will come in handy when users come across a code while browsing the Internet. In such a case, the users will no longer have to close the browser and open up a QR code reader app separately. Instead, they will be able to directly scan the QR code using the in-app functionality.

Other features include an indicator designed for progressive web apps as well as complete web support. The Amazon shopping assistant and video assistant have also been added to the browser for people who are more prone to shop online.

Support has also been added for DuckDuckGo search engine.

If you own a device on which this version would be supported, then you can download the beta version from the Google Play Store and try it out. 

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