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UAE to target misuse of the internet

ABU DHABI // Illegal activities online will be targeted by the newly established Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes.

The FPPITC has been set up in the capital to investigate and resolve criminal cases including the misuse of the internet with the intention of damaging public morals, human trafficking, illegal drugs, illegal activity related to firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Encouraging the breach of state laws as well as blasphemy will also be pursued as well as cases involving insulting God, His prophets and matters considered holy in Islam, as well as insults aimed at matters considered holy to other religions recognised under Islamic Sharia law, as well as the rituals of these faiths.

Other religious issues within its jurisdiction are opposition to Islam and its practices and rulings, proselytisation on behalf of other religions and the promotion of sinful behaviour.

The FPPITC was established under the terms of Ministerial Resolution No. 220 for 2017, and announced by the UAE Attorney-General, Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, on Monday.

Mr Al Shamsi said the new body was part of the Public Prosecution’s strategy to monitor criminal activity and to curb the negative impact of the abuse of modern technology on the UAE’s society and economy.

He praised the Minister of Justice, and the Supreme Federal Judicial Council for their quick response to the proposal to create the new department.

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