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Vanity-table essentials

Use these products to organise your vanity table to best effect.


These sectioned, acrylic organisers are absolute lifesavers when it comes to keeping your cosmetics tidy. They’re quite affordable, so if one isn’t enough, buy two or three.

From Dh39, Lifestyle


A close-up mirror can be helpful when applying lipstick, lipliner and eyeliner. Bonus points if it comes with a built-in trinket tray.

Dh89, H&M Home


Achieve a clean, minimalist appearance with a stony grey touch – a marble or faux marble tray is both stylish and functional.

Dh475, plus shipping, www.thedesignhuntershop.com.au


Small jars and pots are great for storing brushes, sponges, cotton balls or Q-tips, which should be well within reach when you’re applying or taking off your make-up.

Dh26, H&M Home; Dh9, Ikea


Use a cake stand to display lipsticks, eye products, compacts and nail polishes. Look for rotating styles with multiple tiers and decorative accents.

Dh140, plus shipping, www.handgdesigns.com


Line up larger eye palettes vertically inside a wire basket or tray. The sleek, cage-like design will complement the clear, acrylic organisers also on the table.

Dh69, H&M Home


According to Pinterest, a scented candle is a must when it comes to make-up-table toppers. Diptyque is a favourite option.

Dh335, Diptyque


Antique-inspired perfume bottles, complete with textured glass and atomiser sprays, will add a beautiful finishing touch to your vanity table.

• Dh59, H&M Home

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