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iPhone 6s Causes Second-Degree Burn To Its Owner : TECH : Tech Times

A Lake Jackson resident suffered second-degree burns thanks to his iPhone 6s. The horrific incident occurred when the Apple smartphone burned the owner while he was asleep.

iPhone 6s Lake Jackson Burn Incident: What Happened?

On Saturday, April 15, Luke Schilhab, a resident of Lake Jackson, accidentally entered the pool along with his iPhone 6s. Schilhab noticed that the iPhone switched off automatically soon after.

On reaching home, Schilhab put his iPhone 6s in a container full of rice, hoping that it would effectively dry out his smartphone in some time. This practice is the most common hack to bring back a soaked iPhone to life.

However, by Sunday, April 16, the phone showed no signs of powering up. Schilhab left the iPhone 6s on his bed and fell asleep. On April 17, Schilhab woke up after he accidentally rolled on top of his iPhone, which was beside him only to discover that he was burned.

“I didn’t even know what it was that burnt me right off the bat until I jumped up and turned on the light and looked over. It was my phone,” said Schilhab.

Schilhab visited his doctor who diagnosed him with second-degree burns on his torso, which the iPhone owner claims took place due to his handset. He has lodged a complaint at Apple’s Baybrook Mall store. However, he is yet to receive any response from the company.

What Do The Experts Say?

David Scarbrough, a technology expert with Experimac, stated to Eyewitness News that the use of rice to dry off an electrical device is a myth, which has been perpetuated by the internet.

Although he did not comment on the Lake Jackson incident, he advised people to take their damaged gadgets to professionals instead of using supposed hacks to fix them. Scarbrough shared that these amateur hacks could cause further damage to the device. He also warned that smartphone batteries can pose a safety risk if they come in contact with water.

“Water is the kryptonite of a phone. It does not react to water well,” said Scarbrough.

iPhone-Related Injury: An Isolated Incident?

In February 2017, a Palm Harbor resident reported that her iPhone 6 Plus caught fire right in the middle of the night.

In April 2017, Wiley Day from Alabama was electrocuted with 110 volts as his metal dog tags slipped between the charger of his iPhone and the extension cord. Day suffered second- and third-degree burns to his hands and neck.

Similar incidents can be traced as far back as October 2014, where a man’s iPhone 6 caught fire and led to second-degree burns.

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