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Blindfolded dining experience to be unveiled in Dubai – Gourmet

Italian restaurant The Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorri in DIFC is hosting a blindfolded dining experience called “Dine with your senses” for guests on Tuesday May 16.

It will include a tasting of four courses as well as tastes for the guests to share, paired with four grape juices that will “amplify the tasting journey”.

If any guest can guess all the dishes and juices, The Artisan promises to pay for their experience, which cost AED475 per person.

General manager Costanzo Scala, said: “Blindfolded dining has been around for a while but we think that we have designed an experience that will challenge people to open up to Italian cuisine in a new and exciting way. The way we are structuring the experience lends itself well to experimentation of new Italian dishes and creates an extremely fun atmosphere.”

There is a minimum of 4 persons per booking to”‘enhance the experience”, according to the restaurant.

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