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MidEast users to spend extra 57m hours on Facebook during Ramadan – Transport

Facebook users in the Middle East will spend an extra 57 million hours on the social media platform during Ramadan, according to new research.

New data released by Facebook IQ research shows usage during the Holy Month is expected to increase by five percent.  

Millions of people in the Middle East will spend more time on Facebook during Ramadan than usual, with research showing the a lot of usage is happening at night, with the largest relative increase in time spent at 3am.

Facebook said that its research also showed that conversations around Ramadan among its users have started earlier this year among the 8.4 million active users in the UAE.

It said that Facebook is playing an increasing role in influencing consumer decisions and advice in the region, whether it’s travel transactions and late night shopping or discussing the challenges of Ramadan fasting and health and fitness.

Facebook’s sister platform Instagram is where a higher concentration of conversations around Iftar, desserts and recipe ideas, as well as fashion, cars and home, according to the research.

“While Facebook shows Ramadan as it is; Instagram shows the Ramadan that could be,” the report said.

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