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.PRESS Domains Commemorate World Press Freedom Month 2017 – Poynter

The internet has enabled a more seamless flow of information, thereby empowering journalists to share their stories with the world. It is a unifying medium across borders that help journalists bring their stories to light. Considering the worldwide reach of the internet and the growing impact of news through social media, censorship of journalists has been steadily increasing. The world is reeling from the challenge of maintaining a free press. As technology continues to revolutionize journalism, it also invariably results in a higher number of challenges for journalists around the world. With digital journalism at the forefront of distributing information and news, the kinds of attacks on press freedom are no longer restricted to persecution and violence. Journalists are now victims of cyberstalking, hacks on their emails and devices, malware attacks on their websites, etc. The journalism community has actively begun to use more robust security measures to deal with these issues. Encryption tools for journalists like PGP, SecureDrop, etc., are some of the tools that help the press break these bars of suppression.

For the past two years, .PRESS Domains have been commemorating the month of May as World Press Freedom Month. The goal is to raise awareness of the growing concerns about press freedom and raise funds in partnership with a nonprofit journalism association to curb constraints faced by the journalism community. In the past, Radix has partnered with and raised funds for the International Center for Journalists and the Society of Professional Journalists for their Press Freedom Month Initiative.

This year, Radix has partnered with Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) — one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to promoting and defending the integrity of journalism around the globe. As part of this initiative, .PRESS Domains will be contributing a portion of their revenue generated through the month of May, 2017, toward RSF’s efforts in defending the freedom of the press.

“Our objective for this year’s campaign is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the press across the world and support those who stand up for the press to break the bars,” said Parag Barhate, Category Manager for .PRESS Domains at Radix. “Break the bars of censorship, persecution and all other forms of injustice towards the journalism community.”

You can be a part of this #BreakTheBars fundraising effort and learn more about this initiative at www.freethe.press


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