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Xbox Head Confirms No Issues With Project Scorpio: Release On Track For This Year’s Holidays : CULTURE : Tech Times

The highly anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio is set to be released in the holiday season, and Head of Xbox Phil Spencer claimed that Microsoft is still on track to meet that target.

The Xbox Project Scorpio, which is described as “the world’s most powerful console,” will be the highlight of Microsoft’s presentation and booth at the upcoming E3.

Xbox Project Scorpio On Track For Holiday Season Release

In a tech industry where product delays do not come as a surprise, Microsoft is apparently still on track to release the Xbox Project Scorpio in this year’s holiday season.

When asked on Twitter whether there has been a change in the launch date of the Xbox Project Scorpio, Spencer replied by stating that the console’s schedule “looks very good right now,” with no problems so far experienced for Microsoft.

As such, gamers who are looking forward to the Xbox Project Scorpio should expect no delays for its release, with the date largely speculated to be sometime within November.

Spencer’s update on the progress of the Xbox Project Scorpio follows his statement in October 2016, when he said that the console was actually ahead of its timeline.

Xbox Project Scorpio Details

While Microsoft said that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be released in the holidays, no specific date has so far been announced. The release date, in addition to the rest of the details regarding the Xbox Project Scorpio, is expected to be revealed at this year’s E3, along with its price and complete specifications.

Microsoft took a gamble in its unconventional way of releasing the first specifications for the Xbox Project Scorpio by tapping harsh Xbox critic Digital Foundry to write a report on the console.

It was revealed that the Xbox Project Scorpio offers a 6-teraflop Polaris GPU which is more powerful by 1.4 times compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro and 4.5 times more compared to the Xbox One. The console will also come with a custom Jaguar-based processor, 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM, and a 2.3 GHz octa-core CPU.

More details regarding the Xbox Project Scorpio will likely be revealed at E3, where Microsoft is bringing back the Xbox FanFest. Participants of the event, which will last from June 11 to June 13, will be able to enter the Xbox briefing at E3 on June 11 and will receive a customized backpack filled with gift items. Unfortunately, only 500 Xbox gamers will be able to attend the Xbox FanFest.

One detail that was missing from the Digital Foundry report and something that most fans will likely look forward to for the upcoming E3 are the games that will be playable on the Xbox Project Scorpio. While Digital Foundry noted that the console had a remarkable performance when running Forza Motorsport 7, the success of the Xbox Project Scorpio will largely depend on the titles that will be released for it.

Early comparisons between the Xbox Project Scorpio, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One S highlight the power of Microsoft’s upcoming console. However, a subpar collection of games and an expensive price tag may push players to instead purchase the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One S.

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