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3 Exciting Ways Virtual Events Benefit Human Resource Professionals

The human resources or HR department is an integral branch of any company. It performs vital roles that enable an organization to operate like a well-oiled machine, such as hiring and retaining the top talent, managing compensation and benefits for all teams, ensuring compliance with labor laws, and overseeing employee development.

On top of these, HR professionals are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the department gains professional development as well. This can be done through networking with like-minded people and organizations within the HR field, along with employing programs and initiatives that cultivate an agile, adaptable and relevant workplace.

Traditionally, in-person conferences served as the major avenues for HR professionals to mingle with colleagues and listen to industry superstars talk about the latest human resource management trends. However, the global pandemic brought face-to-face events to a screeching halt.

With workplaces going partially or fully remote, HR departments had to find new ways to network and access valuable industry knowledge to keep up with the new world.

The solution? Virtual events.

HR-focused online conferences have elevated the traditional face-to-face business event into a value-packed virtual experience that helps companies keep up with the constantly evolving corporate landscape.

Here are three revolutionary ways that virtual events benefit HR departments worldwide.

1. Virtual events make valuable and highly relevant information accessible to all HR professionals.

A virtual HR conference brings together the biggest decision-makers and the most renowned thinkers in the industry from all over the world to share insights, ideas and opportunities to all attendees.

Picture this: You enter the virtual conference platform and come face to face (virtually) with a powerful community of chief HR officers, CEOs, heads of HR Strategy, Human Capital, and Talent Management, and experts in recruitment, organizational development, compensation and benefits, people analytics, employee engagement, and diversity, from all over the world (with geography not being a barrier. Certainly, there’s no better pool of professionals to learn from than this.

With a powerhouse roster of leaders and influencers presenting their insights, a virtual HR conference can revolve around topics and pressing issues that resonate the most with HR professionals, such as:

  • HR technology trends
  • Workplaces of the future
  • How remote work is changing human resources
  • How HR professionals can support employees’ mental health and well-being


Also, virtual conferences bring a diverse range of topics right at your fingertips, so HR professionals can customize their conference experience by selecting the sessions that are most relevant to their specific needs and interests.

Moreover, virtual conferences are available 365 days a year. There’s no longer a need to wait until specific months or a particular season before attending HR-related events. Every time a new event is offered, registration can be completed immediately, and HR teams can keep abreast of important industry developments and trends.

2. Virtual events offer convenience for HR departments.

In the past, attending a conference meant purchasing plane tickets, booking hotel accommodation, making arrangements for car rentals, and of course, packing your bags and physically traveling to and from the conference, which can run for a few days.

While HR professionals may have previously welcomed the opportunity to get out of the office and rub elbows with industry colleagues and influencers, in the midst of a global pandemic, it makes better sense to attend a virtual conference that offers undeniable conveniences.

  • For one, HR professionals wouldn’t have to spend too much time and effort to attend an in-person event that could last days. A well-planned, completely virtual conference can deliver powerful industry insights in compact sessions that last only one or two hours. Rather than spending hours or days traveling, you can simply log on the conference platform and watch the presentation or engage in interactive roundtable discussions in the office or at home.
  • In addition, you can spend more time truly understanding and reflecting on the sessions by playing them back. And you don’t have to wait until you get home from a conference overseas or in a different city to apply the lessons and knowledge you gained from the event; you can start integrating these with your company practices right away.
  • Also, since virtual conferences have a truly global reach, HR professionals can make the most out of the networking opportunity offered because they are on the same platform with world-renowned speakers, top industry executives, fellow HR personnel, and other individuals or organizations who might not have ever been brought together if they had to physically travel to a single location, what with varying COVID-19 restrictions being enforced and personal circumstances beyond one’s control to consider.

3. Virtual events are inexpensive, efficient and effective.

As previously mentioned, attending in-person conferences means spending money on plane tickets, hotels, rental cars and other needs for each attendee. But all HR departments have to work with a budget to implement a wide range of programs, so it’s best to be wise about spending funds.

Virtual conferences are significantly more affordable compared to face-to-face events. Making travel arrangements, looking for the cheapest rates, and navigating scheduling challenges are now a thing of the past. Any fees required to join virtual events are almost always lower compared to those of face-to-face conferences. Attendees of virtual sessions get valuable education and experiences from these short online sessions, and without having to travel anywhere.

Overall, this means HR departments can save on costs and use their resources on other meaningful initiatives that would also benefit employees and the company as a whole. It’s also an excellent chance for the department to demonstrate how they are responsibly managing funds for HR-related programs, and to gain increased support for their projects from the executive level.

A Virtual Solution That Delivers

In this day and age, HR professionals won’t be passing on conferences because the event dates don’t work for them, the venue is too far away, the sessions are too long, or the costs are too high. Human resource virtual events are convenient to attend, they are inexpensive, and they create a positive, productive space for HR departments to learn and network effectively. Now and in the future, virtual conferences are the logical events solution.

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