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Bairro à Portuguesa, a comprehensive shop for quality products from Portugal

KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 5 February 2021 – For everyone, travelling in the recent
months has been restrictive. However, you can in fact satisfy your wish of
travelling abroad while staying in Hong Kong! For example, if you are missing
Macau and its strong Portuguese flavours, you must pay a visit to Bairro à
in the Mira Mall in Tsimshatsui.

Bairro à Portuguesa, managed by Michael
Franco the Portuguese Owner and Chef is the only shop in Hong Kong that
introduces both Portuguese Culture & Food, offering authentic Portuguese
specialties, Fine Wines & Ports together with Organic Eco-friendly daily
necessities. Better yet, frozen foods and desserts have lately been added
providing a much more comprehensive choice for customers. Products are
air-freighted from Portugal to Hong Kong and are personally selected by Michael
for their quality and uniqueness. This allows customers to easily choose from their
wide selection of fine wines, ports and other well known food products like
Bacalhau, Chorizo & Sardines that will enable them to experience this
exotic food culture. Furthermore, you can also enjoy Portuguese desserts and
coffee from their Coffee Shop and take a short break from your hectic schedule to
sample the comfortable lifestyle of Portugal.

Cordiality, Authenticity & Quality

Bairro in Portuguese means “Neighbourhood”.
Treating clients as neighbours, we do our utmost to present Portuguese National
foods and Lifestyle Culture with authenticity, cordiality and quality. From
store design to selected goods, all are of unique quality and rich in
Portuguese culture. Despite the exotic ambiance, you will still feel
comfortable and  at home, as if in a local
neighbourhood store. A number of authentic Portuguese specialties are  available at Bairro à Portuguesa. Iberico
Porco Preto (Iberian Ham & Chorizo), Delta Coffee Beans, wines from the
Douro Valley & Alentejo, hand -made Condiments, Sauces & Jams from No.6,
Meia Duzia. Incredibly, if you cannot wait till you are back at home to taste
these products you can sample them immediately at the store!

National Coffee!Portuguese “HOT” Drink

Galão in Portugual is a local favourtie
hot coffee drink made from Expresso and steamed milk. Galão has a smooth
texture with an aromatic coffee aftertaste. Despite it’s simple ingredients
Galao’s unique blending of espresso-to-milk makes it one of the typical local favourites
in Portugal. It is even praised as the National Coffee and has become the
Portuguese ideal beverage for breakfast and brunch. Bairro à Portuguesa carries
the sustainable coffee brand DELTA CAFÉS, whose coffee is famous for its
blending proficiency, taste, aroma and smoothness. As a result, everyone can
conveniently taste this unique Portuguese beverage while supporting global
sustainability and taking social responsibility at the same time.

A great sense of happiness! Authentic Portuguese

The newly launched Bairro à Portuguesa has
a variety of traditional and Portuguese Colonial style desserts. Everyone in
Hong Kong will be able to taste favourites like Serradura (saw dust puddings)
and  traditional Portuguese Chocolate
Mousse Cake, richly layered apple & orange cakes, Brazilian Coconut
cheesecake etc. The dessert preparation is detailed, with reduced sugar for
healthy eating. You can choose to take it home or enjoy it instantly at the
store. Besides heart-warming happiness brought by these desserts we highly
recommended paring with a glass of Galão at the same time. The tastes
complement each other and will make your taste buds blossom.

Cooking a decent Portuguese meal easily
with frozen foods

With the COVID-19 pandemic, cooking at home
has become a frequent occurance. With the hustle and bustle of a city like Hong
Kong, easy to handle frozen foods have become a saviour for many families.
However, Hong Kongers are reknown for being foodies and have high expectations
even for frozen foods. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved at The Bairro
where you can select high-quality Portuguese frozen foods, such as Bolinhos de
Bacalhau (salted cod fritters), Bacalhau à Brás (shredded salted cod), beef fritters,
shrimp cakes, frozen sardines, etc. Many ingredients can be cooked and ready in
a few minutes with an air fryer. The preparation is extremely simple and even
defrosting is unnecessary! You can instantly be a chef and make delicious,
good-looking and high-quality Portuguese cuisine to greet relatives and friends
at a party.

mouth-watering Porco Preto Iberian hams on the spot

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula
so when it comes to Iberian, the most famous Iberian ham probably springs to
mind. This world-renowned quality air-dried ham is produced from Iberian pigs that
feeds entirely on acorns. Evenly distributed fats, rich taste, and sweet and
oily aromas of these Iberico pigs make everyone drool with envy. At Bairro à
Portuguesa, Iberico Porco Preto ham and chorizos are available in both whole
and pre-packed at affordable prices. You can even try this unforgettable delicacy
on-site in the store!

Must Try! Sole Agency for China & S.E. Asia of Artesian
Handmade Fresh Fruit Sauces from No. 6 Meia.Duzia


interesting fact is that many countries have their own famous sauces and
Portugal is no different. Bairro à Portuguesa has acquired the agency for this
unique product who’s mission is to provide a 
“Portuguese Flavours Experience” through their products. These handmade
sauces contain over 55% fresh fruit content from mainly local organic farming
ingredients. Packaged in a novel and exquisite oil-paints aluminium tubes and
test tubes, the packaging manages to be eco-friendly and eye-catching at the
same time. Their fresh fruit sauce series has a myriad of themes, such as
honey, chocolate, jams, red pepper & olive paste. With dozens of taste
combinations for sweet and savoury delicacies, cheeses, hams and seafood, you
may experience great changes in your sense of vision and taste. These
condiments will add a Taste of Portugual to any dish and will add depth to
your dining experience.


Fine Wines & Ports from Portugal

When it comes to wine, most people will
think of France. In fact, Portugal’s history in wine making is as extensive
with numerous high-quality wineries located throughout the country. At the Bairro
clients will find an extensive selection of wines from wineries located both in
the Douro & Alentejo wine regions. In this way, clients will have the
opportunity to taste a plethora of high quality wines and ports in one place. For
those who are new to Port wine, be ready for a surprise! The Bairro will also be
holding Port Wine tasting courses and activities from time to time to increase
the public’s awareness of Portuguese wines.

Lead an Exotic & Eco-friendly Lifestyle

anyone  wanting to create a Portuguese
ambience and atmosphere in their home, introducing Portuguese household items
may be a good starting point. Essências de Portugal specializing in Portuguese
soaps and fragrances adds artistic elements in their products that reflects
Portuguese culture into their hand-made soaps. It is a local organic and
environmentally friendly lifestyle product brand. Now, its exclusive soaps and
aroma diffusers are available at Bairro à Portuguesa.

Bairro à Portuguesa

Address: Shop No. 171, 1st Floor, Miramar Plaza Two, 118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

For more information, please visit www.bairroportuguesa.com or

Facebook Page www.facebook.com/bairroportuguesa

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