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Best cities to visit in the Middle East

dubai The Middle Eastern sphere is quickly evolving and adapting into a dynamic and increasingly popular hotspot for tourists worldwide. Gradually, more and more countries are developing their infrastructure in order to attract more people from all over the world to come over to experience all they have to offer.[/caption]

This article focuses on showcasing and introducing you to some of the best places to visit if you find yourself in one of the Middle East cities.

1: Muscat, Oman

The city of Muscat is placed southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and is the tourist capital of the Sultanate of Oman. Avoiding military and ethnic conflicts, it is considered by many as a sea tranquility many tourists strongly recommend.

During your stay there, you can meet all your shopping needs at the Mutrah Souq, a maze of little traditional shops where you can find almost anything you might be looking for. For breathtaking views, you should go to the Mutrah Fort, an ancient Portuguese fort built in 1580. Among the unique places to visit there to learn about the country’s history and arts are the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Oman National Museum, the Bait Al Zubair private museum and art gallery, or even catch a performance at the Royal Opera House.

2: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Egypt is regarded as one of the cornerstones of ancient civilization, existing at the border between Africa and the Middle East. Its most ancient treasures and traditions are still displayed in this country of wonders. However, Egypt also has much more to offer to those seeking alternative sources of entertainment to what Egypt is mostly renowned for its ancient civilization.

That’s where Sharm ElSheikh comes in, offering new experiences and a fresh outlook on Egypt. You will not find much in regards to antiquities, but this is offset by visiting the Ras Muhammad National Park, visiting the Al Sahaba mosque and even enjoying some games at the Vegas Casino Sharm Elsheikh if you are a gambling fan. Since gambling is legal in Egypt, you are more than free to spend time with friends. You can also relax in your hotel room doing some online betting with no deposit bonus, enabling you to try out casino games without having to deposit money amongst other like frees spins or fixed cash. Moreover, you can play games according to the place you are like Book of Dead. If you win, you have 3 different options for cashing out no deposit bonus such as e-wallets, money transfer or credit cards.

If you want to experience a different side to Egypt than the one we are constantly accustomed to, this is your place.

3: Manama, Bahrain

Manama is the capital and largest city of the small island Kingdom of Bahrain. Feel free to discover a place officially designated by the Arab League as the Arab Capital of Culture for 2012. Any enjoyer of Islamic architecture and culture should stop by this place filled with marvels.

One of the world’s largest and most renowned mosques is the Al Fateh Grand Mosque. If you are to visit, wear modest clothing as a sign of respect to its practitioners and book a tour guide to make the most out of your visit. If you are still hungry for more cultural delights the city offers, make sure not to miss the Beit Al Quran, a library with over 50,000 Arabic, English and French books on Islam-related topics. You can end your cultural tour with a visit to the Bahrain National Museum, where you can learn about the Dilmun civilization that inhabited the island.

After enjoying so much of the city’s culture, you can unwind shopping at Bab El Bahrain or enjoy a night at La Fontaine Centre and Mohammed Noor with friends.

4: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Regarded by many as the best city to visit in the Middle East, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is one of the jewels of the region and a must-see for both tourists and businessmen alike.

Combining the traditional with the modern, you will be unable to stop finding new things to do. There is something to do for everyone such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, enjoying the art pieces at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, exhibitions at the Expo Khor Fakkan, a family day at Warner Bros World or witnessing all the Arabian wildlife. Spend a day at the Desert Dunes of the Empty Quarter Desert. Moreover, you can visit the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, currently used as a museum that tells of the varied culture and history of Abu Dhabi.

Whether for business or pleasure, the Middle East has got a lot to offer to the world. Where is your next stop?

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