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Bridging California’s Rural Digital Divide

  • The stadium lights ripped the darkness over an empty field.
    They weren’t supposed to be on. The lights at Princeton University’s stadium, recently upgraded, should have followed an automated cycle, reducing the need for human oversight.
    Instead, the…

    Date published 27 December 2016

  • Towards the end of October 2016, several Indian banks announced they would be recalling millions of debit cards in the wake of a data breach that affected the backend of software that powered an ATM network there.
    It was a situation that could have…

    Date published 26 December 2016

  • The Wandera 2017 Mobile Leak Report, a global analysis of almost 4 billion requests across hundreds of thousands of corporate devices, found more than 200 mobile websites and apps leaking personally identifiable information across a range of…

    Date published 23 December 2016

  • This week, the Internet Society announced the six recipients of funding from its Beyond the Net initiative. Among these amazing projects (you can read more about them here) is the San Francisco Bay Chapter’s Bridging California’s Rural/Urban Digital…

    Date published 23 December 2016

  • The Beyond the Net Funding Programme is proud to announce the results of our November 2016 grant application cycle.
    This cycle, we received 39 amazing applications from around the world. The project ideas were varied, original, and focused on…

    Date published 20 December 2016

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