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Male infertility rising in the UAE

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Over the years, we have emphasized the importance of fertility treatment and checkup for women while turning a blind eye on male issues. Infertility in UAE is an issue of concern with half of the cases has to do with male infertility. What is alarming is that male infertility is on the rise in UAE compared to other nations. Experts believe that obesity, stress, and diabetes are the major contributors to this problem. We talk freely about female infertility and shun way from male reproductive health. Going for semen analysis is crucial to avoid dire consequences.

Why You Need Regular Checkups

Doctors emphasize the need for regular checkups for male infertility in UAE because most of the issues stem from a low sperm count or abnormal sperms. A semen analysis can help you to know if you have a problem. Analysis detects abnormal sperms, which enable the specialist to prescribe useful treatment methods.

Causes of Male Infertility

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There are several causes of male infertility, such as lifestyle choices and health conditions. Below is a list of these causes.


Obesity affects testosterone levels, which boost sperm production.  Having excess fat and a higher body mass index affects your hormones and causes an imbalance in their levels.  If your BMI is more than 25-30 kg/M2, your sperms will change both in mobility and volume.  Other infertility cases among males fall on underweight men. Being underweight has the same effects as obesity to your sperm count and mobility. Eating a healthy diet as well as exercising will not only help you lose weight, but also maintain optimum health. Consult your doctor before adopting any diet or attempting to exercise. You also don’t have to go to the gym to exercise; you can take walks and help around the house. Carry food from home to avoid eating unhealthy restaurant food and snacking throughout the day.


You might think that what you eat does not affect your fertility, but this is far from the truth. There is a relationship between nutrition and sperm production. Foods like meat are highly associated with low sperm count. An unhealthy diet consisting of junk foods and carbonated drinks, which lack essential nutrients, contribute to male infertility. Consider foods high in antioxidants, vitamin A such as cheese, Vitamin E from sunflowers, and other healthy foods.


Smoking is not only addictive, but it causes severe health problems. One of the major causes of infertility in UAE among men is smoking. Tobacco and its inhaled counterparts are responsible for causing ‘oxidative stress’ which suppress the reproductive system even if the sperm count is normal. Smoking could also alter your genetic material and weaken sperms. The volume and shape of sperms start if you continue smoking.

Cellphone Radiation

Among the top causes of infertility in the UAE and other nations is radiation from phones and other sources. Many people are not aware of the effects brought about by their favorite devices. Prolonged use of cellphones affects sperm production and volume. Although many are aware that radiation is harmful, they don’t think that their cellphones could produce enough to affect their health.


Keeping your testicular temperatures higher or the same as that of your body could decrease sperm count. Tight trousers and briefs contribute to male infertility. Placing a laptop on your laps emits heats which raises testicular temperatures, which affect sperm production and shape. Increase in temperatures even as slight as 2 degrees can affect sperms.


This is a medical condition which is common among men who suffer infertility. Individuals with this condition do not notice because this condition does not exhibit any symptoms. This condition causes vein insufficiency and distention. Varicocele develops slowly; that is why men should take infertility in UAE seriously. Going for regular checkups at a qualified fertility clinic Dubai can help detect conditions and abnormalities early, so you’ll get effective treatment.


If you experience any testicular injuries, you should not shy away from treatment because the earlier it gets treated, the higher the chances of recovery. Delays in medical care can cause long-term damages which might not be reversible. Take caution when exercising and engaging in various sports. Martial arts and horse riding should be done with care.


Many people are aware that STIs cause infertility; however, most infections are hard to detect. Gonorrhea and other infections cause infertility and discomfort, such as inflammation. Some STIs don’t display symptoms, and they continue to develop until they get to chronic levels.

Many men don’t talk about their fertility problems; however, this condition keeps increasing every year. It is necessary to get regular checkups to detect problems early and increase the chances of a full recovery. Adapting a healthy diet and exercising helps to prevent infertility. Mass education can help to enlighten men about the impacts of their lifestyle choices on their fertility health.


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