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Rod Stewart apologises for mock beheading in UAE desert

Rock legend Rod Stewart has apologised for a video shared online by his wife that appears to show him re-enacting an ISIL-style beheading in the UAE desert.

The video was reportedly posted on Instagram by Penny Lancaster and it shows several people clad in black walking in the desert outside Abu Dhabi.

Stewart was in Abu Dhabi to perform at a concert on Thursday.

In the video, Stewart, who wears a white shirt, stands behind a man who gets on his knees before Stewart makes a motion with his right hand in front of the man’s neck.

The video has since been deleted but was captured by media outlets and republished.

In a statement, Stewart said the group was “simply larking about pre show”. He said that the video was “understandably” misinterpreted, adding that he sends “deepest apologies to those who have been offended”.

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