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Switching From Apple To Android? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You'll Probably Switch Back

Apple has had a pretty good quarter so far, and they have plenty of reasons to be happy apart from their whopping $78.4 billion revenue. A large part of the massive revenue is thanks to strong demand for the iPhone 7 and its new features. What’s more, Apple saw not just upgraders from the older iPhones but also the highest number of switchers from Android to Apple in any quarter so far.

That’s not saying that Apple is better than Android. In many ways, both platforms each have their own advantages, disadvantages, and solid fan base, so why the switch?

Apple’s CEO did not exactly reveal the exact number of upgraders and switchers, but we can take a look at some of the reasons why even Apple users who switched to Android find themselves switching back to Apple after just a few months.

Customer Support

There’s no denying that Apple truly has excellent customer service and support. Again, that’s not saying that Android users are neglected by manufacturers, but Apple’s online and in-store customer support is simply difficult to match. From the simple cracked screen repairs to full-on iPhone replacement, Apple does not lack in making sure that their customers get the right care for their devices.

App Exclusives

Android does offer a lot of apps in the Play Store — a lot — but Apple users seem to be truly enjoying getting some apps before anyone else does. In fact, there are still some apps that are App Store exclusive, and that’s just not something some people are willing to let go of.


iPhones are easy to use. It’s that simple, at least once you get the hang of it. While Android is constantly changing with every update, not to mention the different versions from different smart phone brands, iPhone users are genuinely happy and content with their iPhones and their updates.

Sleek Look

The iPhone’s signature look has changes quite extensively since the very first iPhone. However, despite having more and more competition in Samsung , LG, and even Huawei, the iPhone remains to be the pioneer in smart phone designs, especially with the sleek iPhone 7 and the rumors of an edge-to-edge design surrounding the coming iPhone 8 and the mysterious iPhone X.

Water Resistance

The iPhone is admittedly late to the waterproof, dust-proof smart phone category. In fact, the phone’s durability has been one of its issues in the past (something their customer support will be happy to handle). But now that the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and possibly the later phones in their lineup will have these features as well, current iPhone users are likely to stay with the iPhone, and Android users may just add the iPhone on their next phone shopping list.

BONUS: It’s Easier To Get A Date

A survey by a dating site last month revealed that iPhone users are 21 times more likely to judge a potential partner negatively if they are using an Android device, while Android users are 15 times more likely to perceive an Apple user negatively.

Though it’s not exactly a good thing that people are basing their opinions of others on the devices that they use, the survey also revealed that 86 percent of women are more likely to negatively perceive a man whose phone has a cracked screen, something Apple’s customer support will likely be too happy to help you with.

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