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UAE shines bright as an example to the world

By Hassan Ali Mansoor
Few countries in today’s world can boast of making a come back as strongly UAE.  In a world ravaged by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic that has led to mass casualties and economic slow down worldwide, UAE has not only resurrected its economy but its mass Covid-19 inoculation drive has promised its citizens and residents a better future.
A foundational principle of the UAE has been to become a blend of the East and the West. Culture and history meet future and modernty in UAE. Over the years, the country has carved a respectable place for itself among the comity of nations. The Covid-19 pandemic has only seen the country emerge stronger. This is testament to the foresight and resolve of the country’s leadership.
No doubt the UAE is strategically located in a neighborhood that has its own challenges. And those challenges aren’t going away anytime soon. But the UAE managing to open diplomatic relations with countries such as Israel (for the sake of long term peace in the region) as well as managed to enhance its economic prospects for the future are both testament to the fact that the country is driven by the resolve not to let anything stand in the way of its rise. And it is this steely resolve that will continue to guide the country’s future.

The recent uptick in economic activity in UAE is but a sign of the trust that the world places in the country’s future. From the boost in the tourism and banking sectors to the increase in foreign investment in the first quarter of this year, all these are signs that point towards a positive trajectory. With a promising future, UAE is all set to reclaim its title as the jewel of the desert.

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