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3D Printing may bring next generation industrial revolution

Speaking at the UAE Innovation Week 2016 celebration in Sharjah, University of Sharjah academician said that 3D Printing has been shaping the future. In the next five years, it will become much more accessible

SHARJAH/Sharjah Media Centre, November 24, 2016 

The 3D Printing technology is becoming fast popular due to ease of use. In the next five years it will become much more popular as cost will come down significantly, said Prof Mohammad Al Shabi, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Sharjah.

Al Shabi made this observation while speaking on “3D Printing – The Horizons and Future” at a seminar held at the Expo Centre Sharjah on Wednesday as part of the UAE Innovation Week 2016.

“Many think that 3D Printing will bring next generation industrial revolution. It can happen, because it’s so easy to manage. It started commercially less than ten years ago, and it has become so popular in such a short span of time. The success reflects popularity of this technology world over,” he said.

Al Shabi said that the entire 3D Printing can be done by students in an office at affordable price. A basic printer can be bought for as low as $150, and can be operated by anyone with the basic knowledge for drawing software like AutoCAD.

“At our university, most of my projects are done using this technology as it saves both, cost and time. With this technology, we can make the project prototype in a day or two. If we place order for the same product it may take several months in shipping. Thus, it will add to the cost as well,” he said.

The technology became talk of the town when world’s first 3D-printed office was inaugurated in Dubai earlier this year. The unique building, situated at a prime location – between DIFC Gate and the Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, has become inspirational for many looking towards the technology with great hope.


He said, “It is quite possible to implement this future technology in our lives, as it has been shaping the future in other parts of the world. The 3D Printing technologies can make immense contribution in all aspects of our life, starting from houses we live in to the streets we use, the cars we drive and the clothes we wear.”

He expressed confidence that within the next five years, this technology will create added economic value and benefits as its market is growing globally.

“If there is any obstacle in adopting the technology on a large scale, it is the high cost of manufacturing metal objects. But, I am confident, its cost will come down soon,” he added.


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