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Amazon Turns Its Digital Assistant Into A Foodie: 60,000 Recipes For Cooking With Alexa Allrecipes Skill

A new Allrecipes Alexa skill can now help around the kitchen, bringing 60,000 recipes to try out. Users can search recipes based on the name of the dish, the ingredients they have or the time it would take, and Alexa will read the instructions out loud. 
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A neat new skill from Allrecipes turns Amazon’s Alexa into a knowledgeable foodie, with a vast trove of 60,000 recipes to share.

Amazon Echo speakers have already been supporting some cooking skills from Campbell’s, Jamie Oliver and others, but none as comprehensive as the new Allrecipes skill. While Campbell’s skill revolved around the soup brand and Jamie Oliver’s wouldn’t enable Alexa to read instructions out loud, Allrecipes comes with a more complex solution and a slew of recipes ready to save the day.

Decide What To Cook

Allrecipes’ Alexa skill doesn’t just offer 60,000 recipes, it can also help you figure out what to cook if you’re not sure what to try out. You can look for a recipe based on the ingredients you already have, find a meal recipe that wouldn’t take long to cook, ask Alexa to guide you through the recipe of the day, ask for an easy Lasagna recipe, and so on. You can also add various recipes to your Favorites so you’ll later have quick access to them.

“Just ask and you’ll receive hands-free recipe recommendations and step-by-step cooking instructions from the Allrecipes Skill for Amazon Alexa,” says Allrecipes.

You can pause the cooking process if you need a break, have Alexa repeat some steps if you missed something, or have the assistant advance to the next steps if you want to get ahead. It’s all in your control and cooking with an interactive, voice-controlled assistant as your ally might beat flipping through a cookbook to follow the recipe.

Amazon Alexa gets AllRecipes Skill with 60,000 recipes

(Photo : AllRecipes | YouTube) Amazon Alexa gets AllRecipes Skill with 60,000 recipes

Free To Use

The Allrecipes skill doesn’t require any investment. It’s free to use and it will work with any device compatible with Alexa skills, such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Fire TV.

Alexa Getting Smarter

This is just the latest trick Alexa learned, but the voice-controlled assistant has been racking up quite a number of new skills recently. Alexa can enable a smarter router experience and better Wi-Fi management with Eero, help users control their Nest thermostats, help AT&T users send text messages without typing, link connected cars with connected homes, order items off Amazon, and more.

Amazon is betting big on its virtual assistant and more Alexa skills bring more options and extra convenience, aiming to improve the experience and help out in a number of areas — including the kitchen.

The Amazon Alexa app is available as a free download on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, and enabling the Allrecipes Skill is pretty simple and straightforward.

To learn more about the latest Alexa cooking skill from Allrecipes, check out the video below.

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