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Amrit Mahotsava Has Been Turned Into A Big Jumla By Sangh Parivar


By Arun Srivastava


Celebration of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsva” contained more negatives vibes and the concealed agenda of accomplishing the mission of the RSS, than to really honour and rejoice the revered Independence Day for which lakhs of Indians attained martyrdom.


Basically, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s design to divide the post 2014 India from the past through observing Amrit Kaal is a devious mechanism to split the identity of India and its sense and spirit of nationalism.  While Modi has been swearing by the name of Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji, he has been harping in India getting its freedom in 2014.  A change of government does not bring a change of identity and cultural character of that country.


Celebration during the Amrit Mahotsva simply hurts the heart. A look at the programmes would unravel how this great occasion has been sacrificed at the altar of communalisation and commercialisation. Modi decided to commemorate August 14, the day Pakistan was declared as an independent country as the Partition Day.


Recalling the massacre that has been associated with the partition of the country is nothing but manifestation of pursuing a communal agenda. It is most deplorable that Modi has been commemorating the partition as a day. He has been trying to reinject the venom of partition into the minds of the younger generation instead of propelling them to march towards a better future. Modi has been trying to raise a battalion of mercenaries. It is beyond imagination because Modi has been playing with the lives of the   crores of the youths. This is the most shameful act.


Do we celebrate January 30, the day Gandhiji was killed as Gandhi’s assassination day? Instead, it is being observed as martyr’s (shahid) diwas.  It also symbolises the supreme sacrifice of other freedom heros who laid down their lives for the country. The role of the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha in the freedom struggle is now the part of the history. They do not have any document to show to the people that they had participated in the freedom struggle and had to suffer.


Now they have suddenly started boasting of committing supreme sacrifices. But intriguingly so far, they have not succeeded in producing any documentary evidence of their sacrifices.  It is a fact all the BJP leaders (borrowing the phrase from LK Advani) are pseudo-nationalists. What is most unfortunate is that they have launched a vile propaganda against the Muslims who have sacrificed for libersting the country from the Britishers. An insight into their activities that they are desperate to split the country.


Modi pursuing the famous line of Devkant Barooah; India is Indira and Indira is India: has been making a conscious attempt to blur the lines between the government and the nation. Instead of mentioning his name, the word government is being used. This is the only difference. There is a tendency to pledge to a unitary idea of India and those who fail, are touted as deshdrohi or anti-nationals,” he added in the eight-minute address.


RSS and BJP have conveniently forgotten the fact that nationalism is ornate with the ideas of unity, equality, fraternity. It has no place for hate, violence and deprivation. There is no denying the fact that Modi’s speech on August 14, has been insipid and more of the nature of expressing the “strange” confidence that he would continue to rule India for 25 years.


One spectacular omission from Modi’s speech was he has let the country down by not discussing the promises made by him in the last eight years and by not giving an account of his tenure.  He talked of corruption.  It was quite soothing to listen to his promise to fight against this menace. But he did not speak a word about BJP bribing the opposition legislators to change side. It is known fact that a Shiv Sena MLA was offered Rs50 crores to switch his loyalty. The JD(U) MLAs were offered Rs 10 crores. From where BJP got this money. Was it a white money.


Besides while launching demonetisation in 2016 Modi had promised that corruption and menace of black money would be eroded through this scheme. On the contrary it has acquired the character of endemic. More black money has gone to Swiss Bank. He did not elaborate the reasons of his failure to check it. In fact, he patronised the game of black money by not revealing the actual nature of his Care Fund.


He is victim of his own words and there is no enthusiasm or zest in his speech as most of the promises made in the last eight years remained unfulfilled. What happened to the promises of doubling farmers’ income, giving houses to all, bringing back black money, employment and giving Rs 15 lakh in every bank account.


Neither the common Indian or the Modi Bhakts had expected that Modi would speak truth and give a matured speech in consonance to responsibilities and the dignity of his post. Yes, he catered to the desires of his bhakts by delivering a polarising lecture. He used the auspicious occasion to spit vile and reduce the stature of national leaders like Jawaharlal Nehrul and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.


It is not a hidden fact that RSS is an ardent believer in the doctrine of Goebbels; a lie becomes truth if it is spoken for hundred times. Since Modi has his umbilical relation with the RSS, he has been doing the same by constantly undermining Nehru. While he mentioned the full names of some of the leaders in his speech, he mentioned simply Nehru ji. My resorting to this he was simply portraying his own intolerant image in the eyes of the common Indians. He ought to realise that Nehru and Gandhi do not need a certificate from him. He cannot obliterate their contribution to the nation building. NO denying that they had committed some mistakes, but they never divided the people of the country on communal lines.  Gandhi attained martyrdom.  Apart from Nehru, Gaffar Khan and Azad, another important freedom fighter whose image was missing from the collage was Ashfaqulla Khan


Congress president Sonia Gandhi alleged that a “self-obsessed” government is hell-bent on “trivialising” the sacrifices of freedom fighters. Modi had assured of creating Congress Mukta Bharat. But the ground level scene speaks that he has failed in his mission. Congress continues to kick and survive.


In fact, there is no reason to be dismayed at the move of Modi and his saffron buddies to exclude the name of some leading freedom fighters and makers of modern India from the list of their list of freedom fighters. They have been following the script prepared by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.  Under the leadership of its visionary leaders, while India established a free, fair and transparent election system, its democracy and constitutional institutions were also strengthened.


The lies and double speak of the RSS and BJP leaders are also manifest in the two contradictory observations of Modi. For him while India attained its freedom in 2014, he is too eager to grab the past gains and do not let them go as unclaimed. If India became free in 2014, he has moral right to lay claim on the past gains.  For him India ushered into world of development only after it was liberated in 2014. He had promised to take India to new heights where there would be no economic disparity and poverty. Every Indian will have “Roti, Kapada aur Makan”.


But alas it did not happen during eight years of his rule. Sixty-two lakh houses have been built against a target of four crore; parts of hinterland remain in dark while power outages continue in cities. Sad for Modi his entire effort to deflect public attention from fundamental concern has proved failure. People are aware of his false promises. It is a coincidence that his all promises were to fructify by 2022. But no achievement is seen on the ground. India was to have pucca dwellings for all, provide uninterrupted power supply, doubling of farmers’ income, abolishing malnutrition and complete annihilation of casteism and communalism. (IPA Service)

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