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App Study Finds Millennials Would Chose Fame Over Falling In Love

On Valentine’s Day everyone is looking to celebrate love. But if you are a millennial, then you might have no problems breaking up and trading in a lover for the limelight.

According to a study conducted by the social entertainment network Clapit, some millennials have no problem choosing fame over falling in love, getting married and having children.

Clapit, the mobile-first platform that aims to helps users showcase their talent in a positive way, teamed up with the research organization YouGov PLC for the study, which consisted of polling 2,450 Americans online in December 2016 to find out how far millennials are willing to go to become famous.

The study found that 1 in 14, or 7 percent of millennials (ages 18-34) would break up with their significant others if it meant they would become famous.

And while it may seem like a worthy trade when it comes to a new relationship since there might not be any love lost, millennials would even sacrifice more serious plans for love in the future to pursue their stardom.

Clapit’s study discovered that 1 in 9 millennials would rather be famous than get married, and 1 in 6 would give up having children for the possibility of fame.

Choosing fame over love might seem harsh, but this isn’t the extend to how far people are willing to go. The study revealed that 1 in 12 millennials would completely detach themselves from their family to pursue a life of fame.

Aside from personal relationships being on the chopping block for some young adults, millennials are also willing to hand over a serious career in hopes of superstardom.

30 percent reported they would rather be famous than be a lawyer, whereas 23 percent would rather be famous than be a doctor—both realistic goals and high paying jobs.

1 in 10 millennials would even give up a college degree in their quest to be famous.

With the rise of social media stars, it seems like it it easier than ever for young people to in fact reach Internet fame. Just look at the “cash me outside” teen.

And millennials are at the front lines of all the action, with 13 percent reporting that they know people who became famous from social media more than traditional movie and TV stars.

Those looking for their big break could check out Clapit in hopes they will become discovered—just make sure your significant other is already on your team.




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