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Appeal to UAE not to allow EU-ban hit Iran cloud servers


Arabian Post Staff

An appeal to the rulers of the United Arab Emirates not to allow servers of Abr Arvan cloud company to function from the territory of emirates is trending over the social media.

According to social media activists, after the EU sanctioned Abr Arvan, the company lost the servers it was using in Europe and the Iranian regime is unable to censor the country’s internet anymore.

“UAE! Do not help Arvan Cloud to censor people’s voice in Iran. Iranians will not tolerate any support to the current government of the Islamic Republic,” said one of the numerous tweets trending over the social media.

Arvan Cloud or Abr Arvan is an Iranian IT company supporting the Iranian government’s efforts to control access to the Intranet in Iran.

The European Union sanctioned the company on November 14 for its role in disrupting the internet to pave the ground for the regime to crack down on protests following the death of Mahsa Amini.

The EU says since 2020, Abr Arvan has been a major partner in the project of the Iranian government, in general, and the Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, in particular, to set up a separate, Iranian version of the internet.

“Such a national intranet with connecting points to the global internet will help to control the flow of information between the Iranian intranet and the global internet,” said the EU.

According to the EU, Abr Arvan is involved in censorship and efforts of the Iranian government to shut down the internet in response to recent protests in Iran.

“It is also associated with persons responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran, notably the EU-listed Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology.”

Abr Arvan, which presents itself as the first content delivery network in Iran, was launched in December 2015 in a conference titled “Explaining Strategies for Developing a Content Distribution Network in the Context of the National Information Network.”

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