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Best part-time diploma courses in Singapore: 2022 edition

Part-time courses are a great way of updating the necessary professional education and skills after you have graduated from secondary school or the completion of an undergraduate or graduate qualification.

You can choose to enrol in part-time diploma courses in Singapore to hone skills or advance your existing experience to take up a specific career option that you have long desired.

In this blog post we have tried to mention the top part-time courses that you can take up in Singapore and how can they help you land a lucrative job role in a field that you are most passionate about.


Postgraduate diploma in business

This part-time programme will help you analyse real-world business issues better and lay a foundation for pursuing MBA programmes in a subject allowed to management.

Diploma in accounting and finance

This is an academic and vocational qualification that can prepare you to execute key functions related to the modern international business environment and collaborate at large with global professional bodies.

Diploma in banking and finance

These part-time goes will help you acquire specialist skills and knowledge do the monitoring, banking, and financial operations that are essential to navigate in the evolving world of business.

Diploma in web application development

This programme is taught by hiring managers and metals from within the digital industry where you will get the opportunity to acquire the fundamentals of essential programming languages.

Diploma and data analytics

The model structure of this part-time course includes all areas of the analytics industry including data visualisation, app development, cloud computing, project management, Internet of Things, Machine learning, and statistical analytics.

Diploma in business studies

This includes principle concepts and underlying academic topics associated with the field of management that can help you take on a successful career in the business industry.

Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

By the time you have completed this part-time qualification, he will be transformed into an in-demand professional who is an expert at executing internal trade and logistics operations in a wide range of industries.

Diploma in project management

In this programme we will learn about the different phases and distinct sets of tasks assigned to individual levels of managing a project including project launching project planning and project execution, allowing you to solve complex issues within your team.

Diploma in digital business

This unique pattern goes is designed to help you learn and implement promotional strategies by campaigns and organised advertising groups to create compelling marketing plans and increase conversions.


In today’s competitive era, completing a college degree is not enough to acquire higher pay or a superior lifestyle.

You are required to top up your degree with a specialisation to ultimately impress clients and employers across the world.

This is where part-time courses in Singapore come into play.

Visit our website today and choose of course that can further your talent and help you make a mark on the global business platform.

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