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Coordinated Countries: How Teams Can Work Together Across the World

IT seems that these days, we can feel instantly connected by technology in the workplace. Automatically, people from all over the world can be connected, and this can help the business take over the world. But what does it really take to make sure that teams can work together effectively, despite being separated by millions of miles? 

Think About One Unified Approach

There are so many different components that make a business effective, and while you’ve got to give consideration to the differences in culture, you need a solid template that your business can operate from. Whether this is about having payroll services that guarantee everybody gets paid at the same time, to the communication tools that can stimulate greater conversations, when you are working internationally, you need to make sure that everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet. 

Getting to Know Each Other Personally

It is essential to get to know people on a personal level, no matter where they are. There can be times when we have hired hands and they are there to do a job for us- we can easily leave them floating around on their own island, metaphorically and literally. Instead, think about what it takes to get to know your teams personally. It may not be realistic to have a physical meetup, but any form of mass contact or events that you can conduct online will make a massive difference. Ensuring that you have this in place will ensure you work together better towards a more unified vision. 

Helping Foreign Members of Your Team

We’ve talked about how you should consider cultural differences, but you’ve also got to make sure that they are supported. There are a number of different components that you must consider, like the language, but it’s also about making sure that they feel supported. You may have team members that are setting up camp in another location in another part of the world. Therefore, you’ve got to bend over backward to make sure that they have what it takes to deliver in their role, but also feel a part of a massive network. The company should always make an employee feel like they are part of a bigger framework, which is why you may want to consider having a team member for a couple of time zones, ensuring that if there are any problems, they won’t have to wait for 24 hours for a solution. 

Stick to Your Vision

Ensuring the teams work together well is about those core company values. These are even more important when you have team members dotted around the world. It’s critical for each team member to identify parts of the company that speaks to them. When you have a clear vision for the business, now and in the future, you are going to help them to understand what the business wants, but they will feel more inclined to contribute to the bigger picture. 


It can be difficult to coordinate people from all over the world, but some of these approaches can make a massive difference.

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