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Five men arrested for 'using fake money and selling drugs' in Khorfakan

SHAJRAH // Five Pakistani men have been arrested for allegedly selling drugs and using fake currency in Khorfakan on the east coast of the country.

One of the men was arrested after trying to pay for a meal with a fake Dh500 note. He was held by restaurant employees until police arrived.

During questioning, he confessed to using fake notes to buy goods from different stores.

Police on the east coast had previously received reports about a group of Asian men who were selling drugs and using fake notes, said Lt Col Ali Al Thanhani, director of CID in the eastern region.

“The suspect denied selling drugs, however, he confessed to using and distributing fake currency in Khorfakkan,” he said.

The man told officers his flatmate was in possession of illegal drugs. He was arrested along two others who were in the apartment. A fifth man was arrested later.

“Officers found 5,000 pills in his room and during questioning he confessed to distributing and selling drugs,” said Lt Col Al Thanhani

The men were referred to public prosecution to face trial.

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