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Home improvements: Sound advice on soundproofing your home

If you work from home, then noise, from both inside and outside your house, can be a major distraction. But there are easy, affordable ways to soundproof your space. 

You will find that your door lets in the most amount of noise from within the home. As interior doors tend to be hollow, try replacing your current door with a solid-core version. Make sure that you apply vinyl weather stripping and threshold to the door frame and a bottom sweep to the door itself.

Windows are the main culprits when it comes to letting in noise from the outside. Replacing your current windows with triple-pane glass should do the trick. Alternatively, you can weatherstrip your windows by filling in gaps with acoustical caulk sealant. 

Your furniture can have soundproofing qualities. Add a couch or chairs with thick cushions, and add thick area rugs to absorb the sound that might come from the floors or apartments below.

Finally, consider hanging a large picture or two, placing bookshelves against the wall and investing in a set of thick curtains.

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