By Raju Kumar


BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh has joined the club of leading agricultural states because of its excellent performance in agricultural production. It has got awarded for it at national level. Three years ago the Centre had instituted Krishi Karman Award. MP has won this prize twice and it is likely to win it third time, because it has found place in the list of states chosen for the award.


After the success in agricultural production, now it is turn of the investment in agri industry. Now the government has to invite the big industrialists and entrepreneurs to invest in the industries based on agriculture.


Last year, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh had told this reporter in an interview, “The state is far ahead in agricultural production, but there is a limit of growth in this sector. I want to see my state progress in industries as well in next five years. Madhya Pradesh is located at the central place of the nation. People can reach this state from all over India very conveniently. We can take advantage of its location to promote industries. Investors are getting all facilities here.”


The CM has shown strong will power for the development of the state and “Global Investors Summit” is going on in the state for the fourth time from 8 to 10 October. Now it will be interesting to see whether industry is promoted at the cost of agriculture, though the CM is claiming that agricultural land will not be acquired for setting up of industries and a land bank of 25 thousand acres has already been made for the industrial purposes.


The claim of the CM gives impression that industry will not grow at the cost of agriculture, but it is a fact that farmers are protesting the acquisition of their land for industries in a number of places in the state. This situation demands that there should be more agri industries, so that farmers get better returns of their products. This will enrich the farmers and they will be induced to go for more agricultural production. The quality of their produce will also increase by this.


That is why in the Global Investors Summit, Agri industries tops the list of priorities, which has been made by the government. This list contains 12 priorities and agri industry has been kept at the first place. Entrepreneurs interested in the investment of the production of fast moving consumer goods have better scope in the Summit. Food processing industries have been accorded priorities by the government.


Madhya Pradesh is a land locked state and the sea shore is far away from it, hence it has to depend on agriculture for its overall growth. (IPA)


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