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Online slot Myths: How and why and they first appeared

Online slot machines like at Mega Reel first appeared in the 90s. Considering the possibilities offered by technology, they were totally different in terms of playability and graphic resolutions. 

Over these years, many false beliefs and myths have been told on slots.

The lack of knowledge has brought to the dissemination of myths about smart ways to trick the casino system so to easily win or common assumptions related to progressive jackpot machines. 

Recently, some of these false ideologies have been revealed. A few of them have rapidly disappeared, some others have been substituted by new ones.

Let’s see just a few of the most popular myths about online slots. 

Using bonuses decrease your chances of winning 

As we all know, the massive diffusion of online casinos has led to a strong competition among the I-Gaming providers. As a matter of facts, bonuses and offers were first introduced with the intent to find a way to differentiate themselves and beat the competitors.

Nowadays, online casinos offer so many incentives to Players that they find it difficult to make a final choice.

Over the years, even these bonuses and special offers have been subject to misconception and absurd beliefs on the part of Players. According to some of them indeed, using bonuses when playing online decrease the possibilities to make a win.

This is really hard to believe seeing that slot machines can’t even see whether you are using a bonus or which one you are adopting.

Stick to the same slot to win more 

Another popular belief has to do with the frequency you play and the amount of money you put on the same game.

According to some Players, the longer you play at the same machine, the more you win. So, if you play the same game over and over again, your chances of winning increase. Actually, while it is real that playing something you like may help you get more success, there is not a mysterious logic behind it, just maths. 

Play only at certain hours and days 

Some users are convinced that the hours of the day as well as the days of the week influence the destiny of the game.

If for example you play at weekends, your chances of winning get higher.

Actually, the mechanisms behind slots is not related to this logic.  

If you have noticed that there are more people winning big prizes on specific days, it may be related to the fact that on certain days casino attendance can be higher than on other days. For example, people tend have more spare time at weekends so maybe they use to play more. 

Final thoughts

The above might sound a bit weird to you, but we can ensure you there are many people who truly believe on these myths.

Forget about all of this. If you want to win or to just have fun playing, keep concentrated on the game you like and avoid these distractions.

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