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RTA succeeds in renewing ISO Quality Management System Certificate 2017

24 February 2017

Roads and Transport Authority – Majdi Abu Zaid:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has succeeded in securing the renewal of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate in Quality Management System for the year 2017 from the German company TUR NORD; one of the specialist global businesses specialized in assessing and awarding certificates and benchmarking the performance of entities against ISO standards.

“Renewing ISO 9001:2008 Certification of Quality Management System epitomizes RTA’s commitment to the principles and management systems of quality, and its keenness to implement the highest standards in this regard,” said Fahad Al Suwaidi, Director of Development and Corporate Performance, Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector, RTA. “Auditors in various organizational units have adhered to the principles of audit operations, and external auditors were impressed by the administrative systems and the commitment of the concerned RTA units to establishing a documented business process. Auditors have made such conclusions following a review of business processes of all RTA’s agencies & sectors, and site visits along with interviews with the concerned staffs,” he continued.

“The RTA attaches top attention to quality operations & systems through the Development and Corporate Performance Department; which has paved the way for the RTA to obtain certificates & awards in a variety of fields & administrative systems. RTA’s efforts to rejuvenate the Quality Management System (QMS) have culminated in the issuance of the ISO 9001:2015; which bears reference to RTA’s commitment to the highest standards of QMS,” he continued.


“The RTA is committed to implementing the principles of quality management which are built on eight key pillars: customer’s centricity, leadership, employees’ engagement, compliance with operations, management through systems, sustained improvement, management by facts, and partnership with suppliers,” added Al Suwaidi.

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