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Russian flags rained down in a confetti-style protest during Trump’s rally

Russia. Flags.
Russia. Flags.

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Trolling is mostly dumb, but sometimes it’s an art. 

President Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday and, as he was speaking, someone tossed a bunch of tiny Russian flags, confetti-style, in front of the cameras streaming his speech to news networks. 

As far as protests go, it certainly earns points for creativity. 

The Trump campaign and administration officials have had a lot of unexplained contact with Russian officials, much of which is currently under investigation. A former campaign manager allegedly laundered money for a Ukrainian political party with ties to the Russian government. The FBI got a surveillance court order in the summer of 2016 to watch a Trump adviser because of an investigation into links between the Kremlin and the current president’s campaign. And if you’re looking for more…oddities…they’re not hard to find.

The FBI is currently investigating the administration’s ties to Russia, as are multiple bodies in Congress. Maybe this particular troll just wanted to remind us of that. 

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