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SaltBae chef to open London and NYC restaurants

Nusret Gökçe– aka ‘salt bae’ – is planning to open a restaurant in the UK capital and New York City.

The Turkish restaurateur is currently enjoying his 15 minutes of fame after videos of him flamboyantly butchering and seasoning meat went viral.

The videos, posted on Nusret’s Instagram, quickly spurred a host of memes that also went viral, and his image was then spray-painted onto walls in Abu Dhabi and Melbourne.

Since then, his face has been spotted on a t-shirt worn by singer Rihanna, which Nusret posted on his Instagram page.

More recently, he met with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohamed.

Turkish newspaper Hurriyet is now reporting that there are plans for chains of his Nusr-et restautant to open in London and New York this year.

He told the newspaper that he does not speak other foreign languages but that he “could communicate with people through meat”.

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